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Last updated 5:10 PM on 16 March 2012

We need your help & 2 minutes of your time. PEC is the Plumpton Education Community, consisting of Plumpton High School, Glendenning Public School, Plumpton Public School and William Dean Public School. We work collaboratively together to further enhance the educational environment of our students.

We aim to provide students with a range of opportunities to grow and develop not only as successful learners but also as productive citizens.

The students of the PEC Student Well Being Team want to make a difference in our school & community.

To do this they would like to conduct some action research on what students, staff & community members feel are the things that they would like to see improved in the community. They will then use this information to assist in the planning processes for our schools & the community in general.

Please help us collect this information by completing the survey via the link below.


Please note: This survey will close Friday 30th March