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Last updated 9:30 PM on 7 October 2011


LUNCH with the girls last week was a huge hit among Plumpton High School year 10 students.


They were all amazed to hear only 20 per cent of a person's success was due to their IQ.


The rest had everything to do with their attitude.


It was this kind of positive message that the 19 year 10 students explored. They were joined by strong, positive female role models to inspire the young women to reach their full potential.


The day was dedicated to tackling tough issues in an uplifting way.


Participants were involved in self-development workshops throughout the one-day program run through Beacon Foundation and funded by United Way.


Jane Artup, from Beacon Foundation, said the program encouraged selfhelp in young women before they left school so they

could develop the skills and confidence needed to achieve personal success. ‘‘Focus points are on selfawareness, motivation, personal responsibility, positive psychology, goal setting and emotional intelligence,'' she said. ‘‘It really has been a great

day for all involved.''


From left, Corissa Fendle, Jane Artup, Kelly Laing, Nicohle Pritchard and Natalie Scicluna.


Source: Mt Druitt-St Mary's Standard, Wednesday 30 March 2011