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Last updated 9:29 PM on 7 October 2011

As we approach the cooler months I want to congratulate the vast majority of the school who continue to observe correct school uniform. We have a lovely school uniform at Plumpton High and most students wear this with pride. Uniform helps to identify school students and helps to keep us all safe. We would like the assistance of all parents in supporting us by ensuring that your child is wearing the correct clothing to school.

The correct uniform is:

JUNIOR -Years 7-10

Girls - White PHS crested polo, black skirt, black 3/4 shorts or black pants, red PHS crested jumper, black leather shoes.

Boys- White PHS crested polo and black shorts or pants, red PHS crested jumper, black leather shoes.

SENIOR -Years 11-12

Girls - White PHS crested senior blouse and tartan skirt, shorts or black long pants, PHS crested jumper, black leather shoes.

Boys - White PHS crested senior shirt, black shorts or pants, red PHS crested jumper,black leather shoes.

Please note:

All black pants/shorts must be plain black no stripes. Tights, short shorts, denim and any other jumpers are not school uniform and must not be worn. PE uniform must not be worn to school, students are to bring this in there bags and change into it when they have PE or sport.


Uniform detentions may occur for students out of uniform.

If you have any problems or questions about this please do not hesitate to contact Miss C. Downey on 9625 7020 or claire.downey@det.nsw.edu.au.