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Last updated 8:45 AM on 1 May 2017

The school established as a pilot, a third Deputy Principal Position in Term 4, 2014. The purpose of this position was to ensure the school was able to support, to a high-level, Student Wellbeing, the development of quality teaching and learning frameworks and the administrative requirements of a school with the complexity of Plumpton. 


Following this successful Pilot over two years and one term the school reduced student suspensions by in excess of 55% and increased completion rates of student assessment and engagement, developed and implemented a new Student Wellbeing Framework and system that incorporates Positive Psychology, Growth Mindset and Choice Theory in line with the Departments Wellbeing Framework. In addition, 10 significant Gifted and Talented programs have been developed and implemented in this time with students winning NSW championships and placing at a National level. In the 2016 HSC, Plumpton High School achieved a 99.3 ATAR and significant results beyond this attributable to the additional deputy principal position.  


With the piloting of this position and with its success the school, to meet the ongoing educational and wellbeing needs of the students at Plumpton High School is seeking to engage on a permanent basis, an Above Establishment Deputy Principal under clause 16 of the 2016-2020 Staffing Agreement (below).

clause 16

The principal under clause 16 of the Staffing Agreement 2016-2020 is required to seek approval from their Director Public Schools NSW after a consultation process with the local community has occurred.


To ensure comprehensive consultation with the school community takes place the principal is writing to parents, students and staff as a part of this process. Should you wish to discuss this further, the principal will be available by phone on 9625 7020, or via email at: Timothy.Lloyd@det.nsw.edu.au where you can send your support and a brief explanation as to why you support this initiative or ask for further clarification. The consultation process will conclude by the close of business on 12 May 2017.


To send your support you can also complete and return the attached form (pdf 222 KB) by writing your name and a brief explanation as to why you support this initiative and return it to the front office.

Letters to Parents, Carers and Students (pdf 590 KB)