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Last updated 9:30 PM on 7 October 2011

Metropolitan Secondary Schools Chess Tournament 2011

The interschool contest has been running every Friday afternoon, for the last 7 weeks. Our two teams, junior and intermediate, have travelled far and wide to represent our school, even as far as Katoomba. It has been quite an adventure for Mrs Pitt and the boys to find their way to all the schools.
The schools that we played were Nepean High School, St Clair High School and Katoomba High School, Blue Mountains Grammar and St Paul's Grammar, St Dominic's College and the Australian Islamic College. Out of the 24 games played our intermediate team acquitted themselves very well by winning 15 and drawing 2. Our novice junior team, all in year 7, with mainly Year 8 opponents, still won 9 games and drew 2. Both were great efforts. This contest is always a great opportunity to develop chess skills, practise public relations as well as showing off our students' talents. Well done to all concerned, both in chess and the way you conducted yourselves as representatives of our school.
Our next big chess effort will be the interschool tournament held at Penrith RSL in Term 3. Last year we won the trophy for both top team and top individual player, taking Penrith High School and St Dominic's College by surprise with the wonderful talents of our competitors. Let's see if we can hold the trophy this year.
A big thank you to the parents who assisted with transport - giving up your time was much appreciated.
Mrs Pitt