Guidance Program

Student Guidance at Plumpton High School

A fundamental goal for schooling at Plumpton High School is for students to develop as responsible citizens and leaders.

The Guidance Program is the vehicle for meeting such needs at the school. It is the key program for developing the skills and understandings so as to ensure student success in learning and for life beyond.


  • Students are actively involved in setting their own goals and developing their own learning plans in partnership with teachers and parents.
  • Students develop skills in metacognition so that they know when and where to use particular strategies for learning and for problem solving.
  • Teachers facilitate this process by operating as learning advocates, providing support to students as they navigate their way through their secondary schooling.

Through Guidance, students and teachers work in partnership so that each student can build their own individual Citizenship Continuum Portfolio, which helps them to plan their areas for development, reflect on the progress made, capture their achievements and celebrate their leadership skills and learning successes. The Guidance program also integrates many of the leadership programs such as peer support, SRC and peer mentoring. Every Guidance class has an SRC member and all students have direct input into decision-making and planning at a year-group and whole-school level.

The Guidance Program

The Guidance program ensures that students have routine, scheduled, one-to-one discussions with teacher advocates regarding their learning plans and targets, progress, aspirations and their general wellbeing at school. Teachers work with students to help develop the skills and knowledge to set and monitor learning targets, to make decisions about their own learning and to grow as responsible citizens and leaders within, and beyond, school. They refer students for further expert support and guidance as required. They provide a key link to parents in relation to a student's learning progress.

The Guidance program has a specific focus for each year group to ensure stage-appropriate skills are developed throughout a student's educational journey. Leadership of the program is provided by the Head Teacher Welfare, Year Advisers, Assistant Advisers, and students. The program is flexible and adaptable according to the needs and interests of each class and year group. Guidance teachers have the expertise and professionalism to adapt and adjust the program beyond developing the essential skills as described below.


Guidance program