Citizenship Continuum

PEC Citizenship Continuum at Plumpton High School

The PEC Citizenship Continuum, or CitCon, is an opportunity for all students to demonstrate sustained development and the achievement of their personal best over time. This program focuses on students working towards achieving at increasingly higher standards, enabling them to demonstrate their success as learners, responsible citizens and leaders in a broad range of ways. It involves students reflecting on, and sharing about, their experiences and achievements and focuses on students developing skills for life at, and beyond, school.


In CitCon, students assemble a body of evidence of their experiences and achievements throughout the year, which they collect in a portfolio. This is in the form of a folder or an e-portfolio. The evidence collected is intended to show a student's ability to progressively meet the seven competencies of CitCon.



CitCon table



Building a Portfolio

Students are supported by their teachers during Guidance lessons as they work on demonstrating their progress by developing their portfolios. Subject teachers support the program by helping students identify quality work and by providing explicit feedback to ensure students understand how they can improve. To reinforce students' experience in working towards the competencies, teachers assess their progress in each subject in the school half yearly and yearly reports.


Presenting the Portfolio to a Panel

The portfolio is presented to a panel at interview at the end of the year. Students have a maximum of 2 years (1 stage) to demonstrate the achievement of the required standard for each competency and will be awarded a certificate or medal if they are successful. During the interview, students will present to panel members their portfolio and explain how they have demonstrated the competencies. Guidance teachers will help students in their preparation for interview.


The Interview Panel and Awards

CitCon is called a continuum because it involves the required standards for each competency building throughout each stage of their schooling. It develops from Kindergarten right through to Year 11 and can culminate in the award of the prestigious PEC CitCon Honours medal. To qualify for the Honours medal, a student must have been awarded the PEC CitCon High Distinction Medal at Stage 5 and then achieve the required standards for competencies at Stage 6 level.



CitCon Table 2


Citizenship Continuum Info Sheet (docx, 100 KB)